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If CITY is a collection of experience,

we are not just habitants ,

but also creators.

Max Lab is a behavioral study based creative lab for conscious urban lifestyle 

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urban experience

The urban lifestyle is a collection of the everyday urban experience. We take a human-centered approach to observe and engage in the emerging urban lifestyle. We believe a more accessible, connected, and fulfilling urban experience can nurture happier individuals, and create positive externality to communities and society in a sustainable way. 

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Emerging urban lifestyles around culture, retail, and wellness 

Topics we have covered: 

Urban Magazine

Work Space Wellness,

Child Friendly City

Gamification and City

Art Space

Music and City

Digital Culture Mall, etc...

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Next generation of urban experience in China market 


We work with lifestyle brands, technology companies, and real estate developers to construct a new context for the urban lifestyle in China.


Behavior Science 

We conduct qualitative and quantitative analyses to capture insights of emerging urban lifestyles with the focus of human behavior. 

We are using the complex systems and behavioral sciences ​to better understand the social attributes of people's urban life. 


Urban Lifestyle 

We feature and work with lifestyle experts, innovators, and curators to support their business in China market through digital amplification. 

We are currently building a community and digital boutique focused on holistic wellness and lifestyle and making selective investments. 


Real Estate 


We work with selective real estate developers to co-create thematic offline experience and products with 

omnichannel strategies. 

We are currently exploring a new model and developing tools to transform the real estate valuation model from physical space-based to human-centric. 

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If you are a creator or curator of the conscious urban lifestyle, here is the place for you.


More details in FAQ 

Q: What is exactly a conscious urban lifestyle? 

A: The way of urban living that contributes to holistic wellbeing. It could be a philosophy you live in or a product, service, or practice people can use in everyday urban life. 

Q: What is the focus area? 

A: Anything related to culture, retail, and wellness. We are particularly interested in digital culture experience, sustainability, and holistic wellness, including mental, body, social, and financial wellbeing. 

Q: How it works? 

A: We would love to work with you in the way that works best for you. It could include but not limit to: 

- feature your thoughts 

- invite you to our beta digital boutique

- support your digital strategy

- help navigate supply chain 

- or even make the financial investment 

Q: Why China? 

A: As projected, by 2025, there will be more than 221 cities consisting of over 1 million people in China. We are excited about both changes as well as opportunities.

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Some projects we did in the past 



Feiyu Project 


Feiyu project is a traveler behavior study partnering with Airbnb. 

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The Amazing City 

The Amazing City is a 48-hour city challenge that encourages young people to explore and interact with the cities they live in. 


City Talk 

City Talk is a series of sharing sessions organized by Max Lab featuring influential city designers to share their insights. 

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