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We build up new-media content platforms to explore the past, present and future of the city and its people, and tell their stories by words, images and videos. 


We design interesting and  interactive campaigns  to involve people in thinking and sharing the relationship between them and their cities. 

Thought Leadership

We share most updated industry news and breakthroughs about the city, while leading the discussions of critical city issues and topics.

Featured Projects



As part of our City Designer Campaign, Max Lab team interviewed young people from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou about their understanding and definition of “City” by asking the question: “What is a city”. 




City BGM (Background Music) is an online campaign to invite the youth in the cities to share their perspectives, lifestyle, daily routine, and ups and downs through music. We aimed to leverage the power of music to help build connections and understandings among people and explore music’s role in the urban experience design.  



X platform is the collection of Max Lab’s WeChat’s columns to create, collect, and feature stories and insights of cities. 

X Journal: We deep dive the most updated news and breakthroughs about how different industries leverage data, design and business in urban experience.

X Diary: We listen to the stories of people in the city about their adventures, feelings and worries.

X Feed: We share our interesting campaigns, attended events, and feature other upcoming activities and big news in the city all over the world. 

X Insta: Photoblog of street portraits and interviews collected on the streets of cities.

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