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When we say experience, we mean any format of people's interaction with cities. We discuss, feature, create, and empower the collection of experience that supports better wellbeing in cities. 

*Examples include but not limit to

What is a City? 

Category: Video

About: Interview documentary around the question of "what is a city" in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou 


City Talk 

Category: Community

About: Tedx Style talk about Cities 


Community Network

Category: Research

About: Understand the spatial and temporal evolution of people's friendship through agent-based modeling

Screen Shot 2020-07-04 at 1.41.14 PM.png

Work Massage

Category: Workshop

About: Interactive workshops with leading co-working spaces in China about the future of work


X Blog 

Category: SNS

About: Collection of Max Lab's WeChat X columns that feature thoughts around urban lifestyle 

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The Amazing City 

Category: Campaign

About: 48-hour challenge to encourage interaction with cities through gamification 


Digital Culture Mall

Category: Project

About: Build the emerging digital culture mall in China with THE BOXX

Screen Shot 2020-07-04 at 1.38.49 PM.png

New Hospitality

Category: Brand China Market Entry

About: Work with Airbnb to understand traveler behavior in China through principal component analysis

Screen Shot 2020-07-04 at 1.46.14 PM.png

Child Friendly City 

Category: Project

About: Partner with Awu experiment school to design child friendly cities 


City BGM

Category: Campaign

About: Partner with LOFTER to explore music's role in young people's urban experience.

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