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Max = Me And X

In 2018, we started Max Lab to look for solutions for ourselves. 

We are a team of Millennials and Generation Z living in big cities around the world. Megacities have defined us as they sparked personal and professional growth. However, they are also the source of discontent and disillusion — the traffic jams, air pollution, expensive costs, stress, and loneliness alienate us from our cities.

So we began the exploration journey by asking people in the cities:  what is the city? 













We realized: city is about people. 

We believe the city is an ecosystem that supports holistic wellbeing for people. Along the way, we met more and more people who aligned with this vision and are creators themselves, creating brands, products, and services around this.

So we decided to set up Max Lab as the community and the onboarding system to level up our cities to support wellbeing by leveraging human-centered perspectives and empowering creators. 


We want to start with small things that might relate to everyone: emerging urban lifestyle around culture, retail, and wellness. 


It's still an exploration journey, but glad we have more people like you who are also thinking about it. 

More to come. Keep tuned! 

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