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Our Story

We are a team of millennials and generation z who are living in big cities around the world. 

We come from various backgrounds, work in different industries, and travel quite often. Megacities have defined us as they sparked  personal and professional growth. However, they are also the source of discontent and disillusion — the traffic jams, air pollution, and stressful work environments alienate us from our cities We decided that our response would be to come together and work on making our urban experience better. We care about and love our cities and work to make sure that the future generations will too!


It is also complex. 


Urban problems are inherently complex — only with much effort and the aid of agent-based modelling and networks can we make sense of patterns of urban emergence or evolution.Working with these concepts we try to apply the concept of the "product" to the urban experience. If the city is a product, we are not just users, but also designers. 


This is what we are.Max Lab — a creative lab focusing on the future-facing urban complex system.