Max = Me And X

In 2018, we started Max Lab to look for solutions for ourselves. 

We are a team of Millennials and Generation Z who live in big cities around the world. Megacities have defined us as they sparked personal and professional growth. However, they are also the source of discontent and disillusion — the traffic jams, air pollution, expensive costs, stress, and loneliness alienate us from our cities.

So we began the exploration journey. 

As you might expect, there is not much there that is tangible. We started to look into more context about cities. Later, we realized most of the urban design frameworks focused on regulation and infrastructure, which usually take a top-down approach. We all work in technology-related industries with diverse professional backgrounds. Our "product" mentality told us there might be a missing component that we can contribute to as non-trained urban designers: user perspectives. 

We asked ourselves what do we want in cities since we are also urban users ourselves. The answer is: we want a city that supports wellbeing. We broke it down further: A more accessible, connected, and fulfilling city. 


We met more and more people who aligned with this vision and are operators themselves, creating products and services around this. At the same time, we gradually felt cities are experiencing the evolution themselves as well from a more physical space empowered to network empowered. Moreover, urban stakeholders are looking for solutions at scale to support this transformation. 

So we decided to set up Max Lab as the community and the onboarding system to level up our cities to better support wellbeing by leveraging users' perspectives and empowering creators. 

We still try to take a product approach:


  • Understand users in a more comprehensive way 

  • Create or partner with offerings that fulfill needs 

  • Scale it to be more accessible 

The city is a complex system with tons of directions we can explore. We decided to focus on things we might know better: emerging urban lifestyle in China. 

It's still an exploration journey, but glad we have more people like you who are thinking about it. 

More to come. Keep tuned! 



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Thanks for your interests!