We Design Product

We use “GAMIFICATION”method to identify the fun insights from complex urban experience. 

Step 1:

Build System

We work with partners to understand how the object urban system works including target audience, influence factor, hypothetic pattern etc.

Step 2:

Design Game

Based on previous system, we design “experience game” through profile setting, triggers, engagements etc. to capture qualitative and quantitative behavior data.  

Step 3:

Understand Data

After collecting the data, we will conduct qualitative analysis (e.g., focus group) and quantitative analysis (e.g., principle component analysts) to understand the social and business lens of data. 

Step 4:

Design Product

Based on the analysis, we will design various urban products including new venture and brand innovation. At the same time, we will support the first stage of implement including media strategy and global partnership.   

Featured Project


The Amazing City is a 48-hour city challenge which encourages young people to explore and interact with the cities they live in by finishing different city tasks in 48 hours. More than 200 participants from 45 cities around the world took the challenge.


Understand people’s perspective of cities and how to better engage them offline


We designed a “see the city” themed challenges to encourage interaction and sharing from young generation. 

How Gamification Works?

Mission 2:

See other people.

Players need to interview 5 different people under certain constrains (e.g., strangers) 

Mission 3:

See the place. Players need to post the pictures that are related to the assigned key words. 

Sign Up:​

Sharing your city AHA moment 

(e.g., favorite food)

in the social media

Mission 1:

See yourself. Players need to draw a one-day-journey of its local city with required elements  (e.g. store). 


One-week free trip to Chiang Mai (provided by sponsor) 


The new mission will only be unlocked after they finished the previous one. 

The final score is the combination of both finishing time and public voting.


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